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The Social Media Changemaker: A Workshop for Students on Using Online Platforms for Good

The objective of this workshop is to empower students with the knowledge and skills to leverage social media for positive change.


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Mastering Mobile Photography: A Hands-On Workshop for Students

Always dreamed of taking professional looking photos?

Well, the good news is, right now it is NOT difficult to take professional looking photos today with our Smartphones, as our Smartphone...

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Unlocking Your Creativity: Social Media Design with Canva Workshop

The objective of this workshop is to unleash the creative potential of students and working professionals, equipping you with the skills to...

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Hands-On Digital Marketing Program for Students

In a digital and social world today, it is important for students to be equipped with social media and digital marketing knowledge for them to be better equipped for both tertiary education and the...

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Storytelling with Mobile Videography for Business

We all love stories! Don't you agree?

Storytelling helps us to put together a narrative to draw our customers, clients, colleagues, stakeholders and bosses our "Why", "How" and "What". Use st...

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Creating Stunning Websites with Wix for Beginners

As Bill Gates famously said, "Your website is your greatest asset. More people view your webpages than anything else."

This workshop is specially designed for individuals like you, ea...

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