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Beautify your PowerPoint with Infographics

Public Workshops and Available
7 HR | 14 HR | Zoom, F2F (Corporate)

Beautify your PowerPoint with Infographics

Public Runs Available
7 HR | 14 HR | Zoom, F2F (Corporate)

Welcome to "Beautify your PowerPoint with Infographics" course!

In this course, you will learn how to transform your boring, text-heavy PowerPoint presentations into visually appealing and engaging ones, by incorporating infographics.

Infographics are a powerful tool for communicating complex information in a simple and memorable way. By using graphics, charts, and other visual elements, you can make your presentations more visually appealing, easier to understand, and more likely to be remembered by your audience.

Throughout this course, you will learn how to design and create effective infographics that will help you to communicate your message more effectively. You will also learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create professional-looking presentations quickly and easily.

Whether you are a business professional, educator or anyone who needs to create presentations, this course will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to create visually stunning presentations that will impress your audience.

Till date, The Good Designers has trained more than 1250 professionals on how to design better powerpoint presentations with Changi Airport Group, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (NUS), Singapore University of Technology and Design, Bank of Singapore (BOS), Great Eastern, Ministry of ManPower (MOM), Workforce Singapore Career Practitioner Divison, Accountant-General's Department (AGD) and more.

So, if you are ready to take your PowerPoint presentations to the next level, enroll in "Beautify your PowerPoint with Infographics" course today and start creating engaging and memorable presentations!

Note: Only Zoom classes are SkillsFuture Credit Eligible, $360/pax.
Face to face (physical) classes are $418/pax, min. 5-6 pax to start a class.

Course customization is available for private or corporate runs with min. 10 pax.

  • Ways to create unique layouts with PowerPoint or Keynote Application, based on wire frames and images resources for your Presentation needs.
  • 5 fundamentals to make your slides professional, and visually appealing.
  • Apply colour principles and resource that will be shared with you during the class to the overall slide presentation, font and infographics colours.
  • Design a statistic with typography theory. (See DB Schenker Portfolio below)
  • Create a professional looking slide deck you always envied of and hope you could create! (See portfolios below)
  • Incorporate infographics into your slide presentations decks in your corporate colours or colours that you've chosen!
Best Selling Course!

Unlocking Your Creativity: Social Media Design with Canva Workshop

Public Workshops / Corporate Training / Creative Media Skills / Be Workforce Ready / Available
7 HR | 14 HR | Face to Face

Unlocking Your Creativity: Social Media Design with Canva Workshop

Public Runs Available
7 HR | 14 HR | Face to Face

The objective of this workshop is to unleash the creative potential of students and working professionals, equipping you with the skills to design engaging and visually appealing graphics for social media using Canva.

Through hands-on activities and practical tips, learners will learn how to create eye-catching social media designs that effectively communicate their message and enhance their online presence.

In today's world, social media has become an integral part of our lives. From businesses to individuals, everyone is using social media to share their thoughts, ideas, and products with the world.

However, to create an impact and stand out from the crowd, it's important to have eye-catching and professional-looking designs that can capture the attention of your audience.

This is where Canva comes in - a user-friendly and intuitive graphic design tool that can help you create stunning designs for your social media profiles.

Whether it's creating graphics for your Instagram stories, Facebook posts, or LinkedIn profiles, Canva has a wide range of templates, graphics, and tools that can help you create beautiful and engaging designs in minutes.

In this course, we will cover the basics of social media design, including color theory, typography, and layout.

We will also dive into the various design elements of different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, and explore how to create designs that are optimized for each platform in our 2 days curriculum.

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and skills to create professional-looking designs that can help you enhance your social media presence and engage with your audience. So, let's get started and unleash your creativity with Canva!

P.S. We have 3 curriculum duration (4.5 / 7.0 / 14 hours) for the Social Media with Canva workshop to equip any individual to the basics of graphic design. 

Course customization is available for private or corporate runs with min. 10 pax.

  • Introduction to elements of a good Social Media Graphic
  • Introduction to Colour Psychology and Colour Theory
  • Explore Colour Palette Resources
  • Explore free image and video resources for content creation
  • Explore Font types and their applications in Design
  • Design Theory, Visual Hierarchy, Dos and Don'ts in Design
  • Introduction to Canva Interface, Tips and Hacks
  • Beginner Canva Design Hacks for Templates
  • Social Media Design with Canva (5 Hour Curriculum)
  • Includes Instagram Stories and Short Videos (7 Hour Curriculum)
  • Canva for YouTube Thumbnails, Instagram Carousels and more! (14 Hour Curriculum)
Best Selling Course!

Infographics Design for Social Media and Email Marketing

Public Workshops and Available
7 HR | 14 HR | Zoom, F2F (corporate)

Infographics Design for Social Media and Email Marketing

Public Runs Available
7 HR | 14 HR | Zoom, F2F (corporate)

In today's digital age, where attention spans are short and visual content reigns supreme, infographics have become a popular tool for conveying information in a clear and concise way.

Infographics can be used to present complex data and statistics, explain a process or concept, or simply to grab your audience's attention.

In this workshop, we will explore the art of creating effective infographics for social media and email marketing. We will cover the basics of design principles and how to choose the right colors, fonts, and images to make your infographic visually appealing and easy to understand. 

Whether you're a marketer, social media manager, content creator, or simply interested in learning more about infographics, this workshop will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to create engaging and effective visual content.

This is a hands-on workshop to create 2 types of social media infographics (List and Flowchart) and 1 email marketing infographic, either with Microsoft PowerPoint (version 2016 and above) or Mac's Keynote software.

Let's get started!

Note: Zoom classes, $380/pax, scheduled 6-8 times a year.
Face to face (physical) classes are $418/pax, min. 5-6 pax to start a class, scheduled 6 times a year.

Course customization is available for private or corporate runs with min. 10 pax.

  • Visual Design Theory: Layouts
  • Colour Theory and Application in Design
  • Design Resources: Graphics and Icons
  • Social Media Infographics Case Study: Good & Bad
  • Hands-on activity to design 2 social media infographics (portfolios included below course outline)
  • Email Marketing Design Case Study: Good & Bad
  • Hands-on activity to design 1 email marketing infographic (portfolios included below course outline)
  • Design Consultation, Q&A with Trainer
Best Selling Course!

Mastering Mobile Photography: From Basics to Pro-level Techniques

3 and 14 hour available! | F2F recommended

Mastering Mobile Photography: From Basics to Pro-level Techniques

Public Runs Available
3 and 14 hour available! | F2F recommended

In today's visually-driven world, mobile photography has become a powerful tool to capture stunning images, tell compelling stories, and build their brand.

This workshop is designed to equip you with the knowledge and techniques needed to achieve professional results using just your smartphone. Throughout this workshop, you will delve into various aspects of mobile photography, including composition, lighting, exposure, shooting techniques, editing and storytelling.

You will learn how to unleash the full potential of your mobile camera, explore creative techniques, and master photo editing apps to enhance your images.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through practical exercises, and photo critiques to help you apply the concepts learned and receive valuable feedback for improvement. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, share your work, and learn from fellow participants in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Join us on this exciting journey to elevate your mobile photography skills to a professional level. Get ready to capture breathtaking images, tell compelling visual stories, and unlock the potential of your smartphone camera.

Let's embark on this creative adventure together!

Course Option 1: Mastering Mobile Photography: From Basics to Pro-level Techniques
Duration: 3 Hour or 4.5 Hour

Course Option 2: Mastering Mobile Videography: From Basics to Pro-level Techniques
Duration: 4 Hour or 7 Hour

Course Option 3: Storytelling with Mobile Videography and Video Editing on CapCut
Duration: 2 days, Time: 9am - 5pm

  • Learn practical tips to never take blurry photos again.
  • Basics of mobile photography: Principles of photography, including composition, lighting, and focus.
  • Creative techniques for business use: Teach participants how to use different creative techniques to make their business-related photos stand out. This could include techniques like product photography, headshots, event photography, and storytelling.
  • Photo challenges: Assign participants photo challenges to complete throughout the workshop, such as taking a creative headshot, capturing a product in a unique way, or documenting an event in a compelling manner.
  • Editing and post-processing for business use: After the photo challenges, teach participants how to edit and enhance their photos using different mobile apps.
  • Bonus: What are some trendy Mobile Photography techniques?
  • Bonus: What are some trendy Mobile Videography techniques?
  • 1-day Program: How can we photograph our events like a professional with our SmartPhone?
  • 1-day Program: How can we film and create short form videos?
Advanced Course!

Storytelling with Mobile Videography for Business

Marketing / Corporate Training / Available
7 Hour and 14 Hour available! | Zoom or F2F

Storytelling with Mobile Videography for Business

Public Runs Available
7 Hour and 14 Hour available! | Zoom or F2F

We all love stories! Don't you agree?

Storytelling helps us to put together a narrative to draw our customers, clients, colleagues, stakeholders and bosses our "Why", "How" and "What". Use stories to engage with your audiences and drive them to take action.

Business Storytelling skills are essential for businesses today, below are some animation videos we've done for our partner digital agency, Sky Digital Agency.

In a typical workshop, you'll learn how to prepare your business story, videos, script and voice over for your agency handing the filming, video editing, production and / or animation!

We have a few variation of the storytelling workshop:

1) Video Storytelling with SmartPhone Workshop (2 days)
Conducted for ST Telemedia (Sep 2023)

2) Storytelling Secrets for Successful Elevator Pitches (1-day)
Conducted more than 20 runs for Schneider Electric France and USA.

3) Storytelling for Business with Canva (2 days)
We have conducted this workshop for PAP Community Foundation Staff, March 2023.

4) Crafting Persuasive Business Presentations (1-day)
We have conducted a workshop for SUTD's Create for Good Social Entrepreneurship founders in 2022.

5) Storytelling with CapCut on Mobile or Desktop App (1-day)
We have conducted this workshop for various corporate clients.

Give us a call at +65 9296 3877 if you need a customized curriculum for your organization.
Alternatively, you can fill in the form below to share your training requirements with us.

  • Defining storytelling and its role in effective communication
  • Understanding the 3 frameworks of a compelling story
  • Why mobile videography and storytelling?
  • Explore the power of videos for marketing
  • Outlining your story structure and creating a hook that grabs attention
  • Plan your storyboards for filming with your SmartPhone (included in 2 days curriculum)
  • Filming with Your Smartphone (included in 2 days curriculum)
  • Video Recording and Editing Essentials with CapCut
  • Hands-on to edit a 30-60 seconds video (included in 2 days curriculum)
  • Master video editing basics: Trimming and arranging clips
  • Discover how to add music, effects, and transitions
Advanced Course!

Designing Infographics for Work with Canva Masterclass

Public Workshops and Available
14 hours | Face to Face

Designing Infographics for Work with Canva Masterclass

Public Runs Available
14 hours | Face to Face

Elevate your social media marketing with captivating infographics. Our 6 core modules cover color theory, design principles, Canva interface, design essentials, hands-on to design list type infographics, comparison topic based infographic visuals, and creating impactful timeline graphics.

Gain design feedback and polish your design skills.
Get ready to transform data into visually beautiful social media marketing communications.

 πŸ‘‰ Albert Einstein was quoted saying "Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun", and in other studies, Creativity is a Wellness Practice!

Join us on this journey of designing infographics in our "Infographic Masterclass for Social Media Managers with Canva" workshop to start wow-ing your audience on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and more!

For public runs, we teach Social Media Infographic Design in Canva.
For corporate runs, clients have a choice of software: Either Canva or PowerPoint for the workshop, and customization of outline is available with min. 10 pax.

7 Hour Course Fee: $368 (Zoom), $408 (F2F)
14 Hour Course Fee: $700 (Zoom), $800 (F2F)

  • Module 1: Understanding Color Theory for Infographics
  • Module 2: Design Theory and Visual Hierarchy
  • Module 3: Overview of Canva Interface and Design Elements
  • Module 4: Designing Your First List Type Infographic
  • Module 5: Designing Comparison Infographics
  • Module 6: Designing Timeline Infographics
  • Module 7: Design Email Campaign Infographics
  • Module 8: Design Presentation, Consultation and Feedback
1 to 1 Training

1 to 1 PowerPoint Business Presentation Training

Public Workshops and Available
Customization | Face to Face

1 to 1 PowerPoint Business Presentation Training

Public Runs Available
Customization | Face to Face

In recent years, we do see the increase in request for 1 to 1 coaching on PowerPoint Business Presentations. We do provide this service for our PowerPoint Presentation Design classes. The workshops are usually paced at a maximum of 3 hour each session, and we recommend a minimum of 4 to 6 sessions in total, either once or twice a week.

We have bosses engage us for a training and their personal assistant attends together, couples attending training together, and even working professionals engaging us for 1 to 1 coaching on PowerPoint topics.

  • Session 1: Introduction to visual and colour resources in PowerPoint business presentation
  • Session 2: Business presentation tips and design layouts with visual hierarchy theory and application
  • Session 3: Introduction to creative layouts and infographics in business presentation
  • Session 4: Introduction to SmartArt, Charts and Timeline Designs
  • Session 5: Re-cap on previous session, hands-on to create a topic from scratch
  • Session 6: Introduction to Multimedia (video, audio) and Animation
New Course!

Creating Stunning Websites with Wix for Beginners

Marketing and Available
14 - 21 HR | Face to Face

Creating Stunning Websites with Wix for Beginners

Public Runs Available
14 - 21 HR | Face to Face

As Bill Gates famously said, "Your website is your greatest asset. More people view your webpages than anything else."

This workshop is specially designed for individuals like you, eager to acquire digital skills and establish a captivating personal brand online.

Did you know that over 4.7 billion people embark on their customer journey with a search engine? That's a massive audience waiting to discover your awesome website!

As Mark Twain wisely said, "The secret to getting ahead is getting started."
Let's dive in, have some fun, and create a website that rocks your digital world!

By learning website development, you gain three fantastic benefits:
1) The power to create and customize your own professional website,
2) Enhanced visibility and credibility in the vast digital space, and
3) Complete control over your online presence.

Note: Special Student Discounts available for private classes with MOE schools of minimum 15-20 students.

Website Development Software custom requests available for: Wix, HTML, Google Sites, WordPress, Square Space

  • I. Introduction to Wix
  • II. Planning and Designing Your Website (Navigation, Design, UX)
  • III. Building Your Website
  • IV. Customizing Your Website
  • V. Optimizing Your Website
  • VI. Publishing and Managing Your Website
  • VIII. SEO Basics for Websites
  • IX. Final Website Review and Publishing Website
Small Group Workshop!

Fin-tastic Aquascapes: A Beginner's Guide to Creating Beautiful Underwater Worlds

Public Runs Available
2 - 6 hour available! | Face to Face

Welcome to the The Good Designers nanotank aquascape workshop! 

In this workshop, you will learn the art of creating stunning aquascapes in small aquariums.

We will teach you the basics of aquascaping, including selecting the right plants, arranging them in a visually pleasing way, and maintaining a healthy aquatic environment. You'll also learn how to use hardscape elements such as rocks and driftwood to create a natural-looking underwater landscape. 

This workshop is suitable for beginners, and you'll have the opportunity to get hands-on experience in creating your own nanotank aquascape to take home. 

Get ready to unleash your creativity and dive into the fascinating world of aquascaping!

Workshop Fee:

2 hour workshop, $150/pax

3 hour workshop, $180/pax

Private and corporate training workshops available!
(Fill in our enquiry form to share your requirements with us!)

Workshop fee does not include equipments, subtrates, hardscapes and aquarium plants, but we do include 4 beginner friendly aquatic plants for all participants to use in their 20cm nano aquascapes. Participants can indicate in our pre-workshop Google Form on preference in aquatic plants which we can buy on your behalf.

You may buy your own equipments during our visit to the fish shop tour 1 hour prior to the workshop, or we can buy on your behalf as well.

Note: We can include a 30 min fish shop tour to run through some equipments and nano fish options that you can buy for workshops held near a fish shop. 

  • Benefits of aquascaping for your fish pet
  • Materials and Equipment: Filter vs No-Filter Tanks
  • Substrate options and their benefits
  • Lighting and filtration
  • Types of plants and their requirements
  • Hardscape Design (e.g., rocks, driftwood)
  • Planting Techniques: Arrangement of plants and how to create a focal point
  • Maintenance and Care: How to maintain a healthy aquatic environment
  • Hands-On Aquascaping: Participants will create their own nano aquascape using the knowledge and techniques learned in the workshop
  • Recap of what was covered, Q&A session
  • Note: The workshop outline can be customized according to the time allotted and the specific needs of the participants.

Our Notable Clients

The Good Designers has conducted trainings with and for the following organizations, companies and government agencies: