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Fin-tastic Aquascapes: A Beginner's Guide to Creating Beautiful Underwater Worlds

  • Last Update : 15 Feb 2024
  • English
  • 10 students
Corporate Training
2 - 6 hour available!  (20cm Fish Tank and Aquarium Lights)

Courses Description

Welcome to the The Good Designers nanotank aquascape workshop! 

In this workshop, you will learn the art of creating stunning aquascapes in small aquariums.

We will teach you the basics of aquascaping, including selecting the right plants, arranging them in a visually pleasing way, and maintaining a healthy aquatic environment. You'll also learn how to use hardscape elements such as rocks and driftwood to create a natural-looking underwater landscape. 

This workshop is suitable for beginners, and you'll have the opportunity to get hands-on experience in creating your own nanotank aquascape to take home. 

Get ready to unleash your creativity and dive into the fascinating world of aquascaping!

Workshop Fee:

2 hour workshop, $150/pax

3 hour workshop, $180/pax

Private and corporate training workshops available!
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Workshop fee does not include equipments, subtrates, hardscapes and aquarium plants, but we do include 4 beginner friendly aquatic plants for all participants to use in their 20cm nano aquascapes. Participants can indicate in our pre-workshop Google Form on preference in aquatic plants which we can buy on your behalf.

You may buy your own equipments during our visit to the fish shop tour 1 hour prior to the workshop, or we can buy on your behalf as well.

Note: We can include a 30 min fish shop tour to run through some equipments and nano fish options that you can buy for workshops held near a fish shop. 

What you'll learn
  • Benefits of aquascaping for your fish pet
  • Materials and Equipment: Filter vs No-Filter Tanks
  • Substrate options and their benefits
  • Lighting and filtration
  • Types of plants and their requirements
  • Hardscape Design (e.g., rocks, driftwood)
  • Planting Techniques: Arrangement of plants and how to create a focal point
  • Maintenance and Care: How to maintain a healthy aquatic environment
  • Hands-On Aquascaping: Participants will create their own nano aquascape using the knowledge and techniques learned in the workshop
  • Recap of what was covered, Q&A session
  • Note: The workshop outline can be customized according to the time allotted and the specific needs of the participants.

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Meet your Instructors
Charmaine Lee
Charmaine Lee
Chief Learning Officer, The Good Designers

Meet Charmaine Lee, the Chief Learning Officer at The Good Designers.

With over 8 years of training experience and ACTA certification, Charmaine is a seasoned professional in her field. Starting as a web designer, she has evolved into a digital marketing strategist and consultant at Sky Digital Agency.

Passionate about helping individuals communicate effectively, Charmaine specializes in storytelling, PowerPoint presentations, infographics, Canva graphic designing and video creation, social media for good, and web design.

Her workshops offer actionable and practical creative skills for students and professionals alike. She has worked with universities and polytechnics to help startup founders in their marketing strategies, such as NUS, SUTD, Ngee Ann and Temasek Polytechnic as a Startup and Business Mentor.

With Charmaine's casual and engaging teaching style, you'll discover the power of effective communication and unleash your creativity. Join her workshops to embark on a journey of learning, growth, and empowerment with a knowledgeable and experienced trainer by your side.

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180 SGD
Who is this course for?:
Aquascape workshops can be for anyone who is interested in learning about aquascaping and wants to create a beautiful underwater environment in their home or office.
  • Level :Beginners
  • Class Size :Min. 4, Max. 8
  • Public Run :Face to Face
  • Private Run :Face to Face
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Buys a Nanotank (20 cm) and Aquarium Light
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