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The Social Media Changemaker: A Workshop for Students on Using Online Platforms for Good

  • Last Update : 24 Nov 2023
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Entrepreneurship , Be Workforce Ready
7 hour  (Laptop or Tablet with Canva)

Courses Description

The objective of this workshop is to empower students with the knowledge and skills to leverage social media for positive change.

Through interactive activities and discussions, students will learn how to effectively use social media platforms to advocate for causes, raise awareness, and create positive impact in their communities.

We have 4 hour - 21 hour of the "The Social Media Changemaker: A Workshop for Students on Using Online Platforms for Good" curriculum.

Online platforms include: Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

4-8 Hour programs are for Instagram and LinkedIn social media platforms.

We have conducted a few variations of our #SocialMediaMarketing workshop:

a) Social Media for Good: Unleash the Power of Online Platforms to Make a Positive Impact! 🌟

Students will learn how they can use social media for meaningful causes. 
Discover how to amplify your message, raise awareness, and spark change in the digital realm.

Let's channel our social media influence for the greater good!

b) How to be a content creator on Instagram? 🎨💬 

Dive into the world of creative expression and storytelling on Instagram!

This workshop variation is perfect for aspiring content creators who want to curate eye-catching feeds, master engaging captions, and captivate audiences with their visual narratives.

Get ready to embrace your unique style and turn your passion into a compelling online presence!

c) Building Your Brand on LinkedIn as a Fresh Graduate: Your Path to Professional Success! 🚀💼

Unlock the potential of LinkedIn and take your personal brand to new heights.

This workshop variation is tailor-made for fresh graduates looking to build a strong professional identity, connect with industry leaders, and open doors to exciting career opportunities. 🌟

👔 Let's shape your LinkedIn presence into a powerful tool for success!

Note: The workshop can be customized based on the specific needs and level of expertise of the students. The recommended duration for the workshops is 3-4 hours minimum.

Give us a call / What'sApp +65 9296 3877 if you need a customized solution with the topic "Storytelling and Storyboarding", or you can fill in the form to share your requirements with us.

What you'll learn
  • Introduction to Social Media for Good: Provide an overview of how social media can be a powerful tool for driving positive change in the world.
  • Discuss real-world examples of successful social media campaigns that have made a difference.
  • Help students identify causes and issues they are passionate about and want to advocate for using social media.
  • Crafting Powerful Messages: Teach students how to craft compelling and impactful messages that resonate with their audience.
  • Choosing the Right Platforms: Introduce students to different social media platforms and help them understand which platforms are best suited for their causes and goals.
  • Creating Engaging Content: Hands-on exercise with trainer's guidance on creating engaging content for social media, including text, images, videos, and other multimedia formats.
  • Building and Engaging a Community: Strategies for growing their audience, building relationships, and fostering meaningful conversations and interactions with their followers.
  • Managing Online Activism: Challenges and risks of online activism, including potential backlash, criticism, and online harassment. Provide guidance on how to manage these challenges and navigate ethical considerations while engaging in social media activism.
  • Measuring Impact: Evaluating the success of their efforts, introduce tools and metrics for tracking engagement, reach, and outcomes to assess the effectiveness of their social media advocacy.
  • Planning and Implementing a Social Media Campaign: Provide guidance on planning and implementing a social media campaign for a cause or issue of their choice.

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Meet your Instructors
Charmaine Lee
Charmaine Lee
Chief Learning Officer, The Good Designers

Meet Charmaine Lee, the Chief Learning Officer at The Good Designers.

With over 8 years of training experience and ACTA certification, Charmaine is a seasoned professional in her field. Starting as a web designer, she has evolved into a digital marketing strategist and consultant at Sky Digital Agency.

Passionate about helping individuals communicate effectively, Charmaine specializes in storytelling, PowerPoint presentations, infographics, Canva graphic designing and video creation, social media for good, and web design.

Her workshops offer actionable and practical creative skills for students and professionals alike. She has worked with universities and polytechnics to help startup founders in their marketing strategies, such as NUS, SUTD, Ngee Ann and Temasek Polytechnic as a Startup and Business Mentor.

With Charmaine's casual and engaging teaching style, you'll discover the power of effective communication and unleash your creativity. Join her workshops to embark on a journey of learning, growth, and empowerment with a knowledgeable and experienced trainer by your side.

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