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Social Media Marketing for Students

  • Last Update : 22 Apr 2022
  • English
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Entrepreneurship , Be Workforce Ready
7 hour  (Laptop or Tablet with Canva)

Courses Description

In a digital and social world today, it is important for students to be equipped with social media marketing knowledge for them to be better equipped for both tertiary education and the workforce when they graduate.

We have a few options of the social media marketing curriculum.

What you'll learn
  • Explore the 'What' & 'Why' of Instagram Marketing for Business
  • Pros and Cons about Instagram Marketing and Advertising
  • Set SMART goals in Instagram Marketing and Advertising
  • Hashtag Tips, Strategy and Organic Growth Strategies
  • Social Media Graphic Design in Canva for Instagram Marketing and Advertising Purposes
  • Content Strategy for Startup Business (For Entrepreneurship and Tertiary Education Students)
  • Measuring ROI and Success Metrics on Instagram Marketing and Advertising

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Meet your Instructors
Charmaine Lee
Charmaine Lee
Chief Learning Officer, The Good Designers
Charmaine is the Chief Digital Marketing Officer at Sky Digital Agency & Chief Learning Officer at The Good Designers.

Being a web designer by training, she designs, consults and trains individuals in design, seo, digital marketing, digital strategy, and creative topics like Infographics.

She has curated, design, developed more than 15 social media, digital marketing, infographics, design and video storytelling topics since 2015, and personally trains and teaches these subjects. Till date, she has conducted more than 2,200 hours of training in the last 3 years alone, and she is an WSQ ACTA Certified Trainer.

Charmaine is passionate about training, and helping others through training. She makes learning interactive, practical and fun. She enjoys breaking down complex topics to help participants gain better understanding and find success in the digital marketing campaigns with FREE digital tools available in the market for Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Business Owners, and SMEs to leverage on.

She strongly believes in paying it forward to the community will her knowledge and skill sets. Aside training the public and corporates, she also volunteers her time with youth at risk under The Good Designers.

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Who is this course for?:
Anyone who would like to start creating impactful and beautiful presentations, impressing your colleagues, clients and bosses!

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