Poster Graphic Design Workshop in Canva for Students

Social Media Graphic Design Workshop in Canva for Students (Virtual or Face to Face)

✓ 75% Hands-on activity included in the workshop.
Recommended for: Secondary and Tertiary Students

Duration: 3.5 Hr | 1-day (10am-4.30pm) | 2 days Option Available (4 week sessions are available as well)
Course Fee: $165/student | $280/student | $545/student

Recommended class size for School Runs:
Min. 15 students, and Max. 40 students for Schools.
Special School, CCA and ASE Programs Discount:
25% to 50% depended on workshop dates and program types. Youth homes and youth at risks programs will receive up to 70% discount.

Training will be held at client's premises in the schools, or conducted Virtually over Zoom (Due to Safe Management Measures).

Booking of a training date and confirmation needs to be done 21 to 30 days in advance to qualify for discounts.

If you would like to enquire or customize a workshop, please get in touch with us with our enquiry form at the bottom of the page. Thank you. :)

What does good design do for a business?

Thomas John Watson Jr, chairman and CEO of IBM, 1952 - 1971 once said: Good Design is Good Business.
The cost of bad design for a business is more than just sales.

Course Objectives

✓ Introduce design to Students
✓ Introduce both colour theory and colour emotions, and the role it plays in the effectiveness of our designs.
✓ Introduce font types and recommendations
✓ Introduce design and visual hierarchy, i.e. why are logos typically positioned at the bottom right of a design?
✓ How to design Poster Graphics effectively with Canva
✓ Design 1 x A5 Flyer Design
✓ Design 1 x A4 or A3 Poster Graphic Design
✓ A6 Post Cards or a series of design deliverables for the Promotion of CCA, Social Cause, Student Initiative or a Business Idea is possible.

Course Content

✓ The role of colours in design.
✓ Corporate colours (school logo) and how to use them in your designs.
✓ Learn how to customize Canva templates so it does not look too much like a template, but consistent with your school logo / CCA branding
✓ Learn essential design principles, including font type and colour palettes (colours play a huge role in the theme and emotions your audience feel)
✓ Learn from Design Case Study (Less is more)
✓ Trainer Demo on how to design Social Media Ads with Canva effectively (15 min)
✓ Activity 1: 1 x A5 Flyer Design
✓ Activity 2: Using QR codes and Google Forms for RSVP purposes of Physical Print Promotional Activities
✓ Activity 3: 1 x A4 or A3 Poster Design
✓ Students are given 35 to 45 min for each hands-on activity
✓ Trainer design feedback & consultation (10~15 min) after each student hands-on activity.
✓ Introduction to Social Media Management Tips, Tools and Content Creation Strategy (including Hashtag Research and Use)
Note: Activity 1 (Requires 3 Hours Curriculum), Activity 2 (Requires 4 Hours Curriculum), Activity 3 (Requires 1-day Curriculum).
Additional note to schools / teachers: Zoom currently allows the trainer facilitating the program to view multiple screen at any one-time. (Our trainers are able to provide feedback to students as they design while sharing their screens)

Important Note

The above curriculum above is covered within 1-day, 5.5 hour (10am to 4.30pm).

For the 2 days (11 hour) curriculum, please write in to us in the form below for the course outlines.
Note: For bigger class size in schools, more time will be required to deliver the content, or an assistant trainer will be engaged to assist in the class.

What you will need to bring to class:

1. Laptop with internet connection is required
2. Topic you'd like to design for your Posters (i.e. Social Cause you'd like to promote, or your CCA in school to encourage Sec 1 to sign up)
3. School Logo, CCA Logo, Copywriting (Text) for your Design
4. We do not recommend using iPads to design Posters due to design limitations in Canva. If students are equipped with iPads, we recommend our Social Media Graphic Design Curriculum for your consideration instead.

Behind the scenes training:

The Good Designers Corporate Training Clientele Singapore


Reach out to The Good Designers at if you would like to engage and/or enquire about "Ways to Shoot Professional Photos with SmartPhones" corporate training for your company or organization.

Liyana Ahmad, Adobe illustrator & SmartPhone Photography Trainer with The Good Designers

About the Trainer

Liyana Ahmad is a self-taught graphic designer, illustrator and an ACTA Certified Trainer. She shares her passion for design through illustration workshops with Adobe illustrator, and an ACTA Certified Trainer.

Aside designing and creating websites, Liyana trains in other subjects like Branding & Instagram Marketing with Sky Digital Agency, and creative topics like Adobe illustrator and SmartPhone Photography with The Good Designers.

She strongly believes that the training industry needs more courses and training with smaller group of participants that allows them a more conducive environment to learn, ask questions, and have more 1-to-1 time with the trainer.

Charmaine Lee - Founder of The Good Designers

About the Founder & Chief Learning Officer

Charmaine is the Founder and Chief Digital Marketing Officer at Sky Digital Agency and The Good Designers

Being a web designer by training, she designs, consults and trains individuals in design, seo, digital marketing, digital strategy, and creative topics like Infographics.

She started training and equipping her clients in Facebook Marketing, SEO Marketing, Email Marketing, Infographics and Web Design topics since 2015. Till date, she has conducted more than 1,500 hours of training, and she is an ACTA Certified Trainer.

Charmaine is passionate about training, and helping others through training. She makes learning interactive, practical and fun. She enjoys breaking down complex topics to help participants gain better understanding and find success in the digital marketing campaigns with FREE digital tools available in the market for Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Business Owners, and SMEs to leverage on.

She strongly believes that the training industry needs more courses and training with smaller group of participants that allows them a more conducive environment to learn, ask questions, and have more 1-to-1 time with the trainer.

She has curated more than 15 digital marketing and creative infographics and design course curriculums in the last 2 years, and personally trains and teaches these subjects.

As Charmaine believes in paying it forward to the community with her knowledge and skill sets. Aside training the public and corporates, she also trains youth-at-risks (in collaboration with MSF) under The Good Designers.

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The Good Designers Corporate Training Clientele Singapore

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1. Who can i contact should i have questions?
You may e-mail us at

2. Is there a minimum class size to proceed?
Yes. We require a minimum class size of 5~10 students to proceed with the class.

3. Can I customize the course a little?
Yes, we accept customization requests. Most of the time at a small fee.

4. I'm a non-profit organization or a youth home, do you have more discounts for us?
Yes we do, please reach out to us via our web form below and share more details with us on your requirements. Including date of workshop and budget.
5. My question is not listed under FAQs.
Please get in touch with us in our enquiry form below.

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