10 boys, aged 15 to 21 years old, residents with Singapore Boys’ Hostel.

The 2 day design workshop is designed to teach and enable participants to be able to design a variation of design deliverables, from name cards, motivational posters, professional presentation decks, skills for better presentation, and eventually help the youths (benficiaries) to have better confidence with themselves by the end of the program.

The program also has a learning journey conducted at Ogilvy & Mather office to give the youths an idea of how the working life at a design and advertising agency life is like.

Father's Day Program 2017

Trainers & Coaches

Charmaine Lee - Founder of The Good Designers

Charmaine Lee

Founder - The Good Designers

Founder of The Good Designers and Sky Digital Agency, Charmaine aspires to make a difference in the society with design.
She collaborates, plans, organizers and teaches design and digital marketing programs to the public, non-profits organizations, including the beneficiaries of non-profit organizations.

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Isabel Tan

Isabel Tan

The Good Designers

Aside from assisting in the programs at The Good Designers, Isabel is also the Founder of Reblossom Singapore. At Reblossom, flowers are up-cycled from weddings and events, and donated to bring a cheer to the residents and patients of nursing homes, hospitals, and treatment centres.

Join her in the campaign to recycle flowers! Email if you know of friends or events with flowers to donate.

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Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong

Hides & Thread

Chief craftsman at Hides & Thread

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