The Mother's Day Program on 11 & 12 May 2017 will be conducted for 10 girl beneficiaries referred to us by MSF.

The 2-Day Creative Workshop is designed to teach the youth participants on how to design motivational poster, and a thank you card for that special someone. This round, we're collaborating with Reblossom Singapore to hold a flower arrangement workshop that they can give it their care-giver or life-coach whom they would like to thank.

May 2017 Mother's Day Program

Trainers & Facilitators

Charmaine Lee - Founder of The Good Designers

Charmaine Lee

The Good Designers

Founder of The Good Designers and Sky Digital Agency, Charmaine aspires to make a difference in the society with design.
She collaborates, plans, and teaches design and digital marketing programs to the public, social enterprises, and non-profits organizations, including the beneficiaries of non-profit organizations.

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Isabel Tan

Isabel Tan

The Good Designers

Aside from assisting in the programs at The Good Designers, Isabel is also the Founder of Reblossom Singapore. At Reblossom, flowers are up-cycled from weddings and events, and donated to bring a cheer to the residents and patients of nursing homes, hospitals, and treatment centres.

Join her in the campaign to recycle flowers! Email if you know of friends or events with flowers to donate.

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