Corporate Video Content Marketing Course, 2 Days (SkillsFuture Credit Eligible)

Corporate Video Content Marketing Course, 2 Days

Small class, 90% hands-on training.

Course Fee: $615/pax (SkillsFuture Credit Eligible
Corporate Training: 10 pax and above 10% discount Venue: 6 Raffles Quay, #15-00, Singapore 048580
(3 Min Walk from Raffles Place MRT)

Upcoming Course Schedules:
✓ 2 & 3 April 2018 (Monday and Tuesday), 10am to 6pm
✓ 14 & 15 May 2018 (Monday and Tuesday), 10am to 6pm
✓ 18 & 19 June 2018 (Monday and Tuesday), 10am to 6pm

Video Content Marketing Course Singapore (SkillsFuture Credit Eligible)

Course Introduction

In 2017, we have trained business owners, trainers who wanted to create their own video course content, property agents to create their promotional videos, and even marketing and business development managers on how to create their pitch idea video materials.

Who is this workshop for:
This workshop is for individuals who hope to learn how they can brainstorm, ideate, storyboard, design and edit a professional video for their work or business.

Digital Marketers, Entrepreneurs, PR Agency, Adult Educators, Lecturers, Trainers, Marketers, Business Development Managers and anyone who would like to create amazing video contents for social media! Look out for our YouTube videos embedded below!

Developing a corporate video can be a challenging task, but it really isn't.

Behind the scenes Video of The Good Designers Training

Course Objectives

Day 1: Social Media Video (45 to 60 seconds)
✓ Learn why Video Content Marketing important for business, and why businesses use them
✓ Learn how Video Content Marketing has grown, and how it drives you sales and web traffic Learn how to CONCEPTUALIZE your ideas into a simple 45 to 60 seconds storyboard
✓ Learn how to design and create your STORYBOARD into VISUAL Graphics for video editing
✓ Learn features and functions available in iMovie Insert Audio / Music into your videos Export video from iMovie and upload it on Social Media (Facebook / Instagram / YouTube)

Corporate Course Video Course Outline Day 1

Day 2: Corporate Video (90 seconds to 180 seconds)
✓ Learn how to shoot with your smart phones (different angles, concepts)
✓ Learn how to record the following with QuickTime Application (Mac):
✓ Screen Recording, Audio Recording, Front Camera of Laptop
✓ You will learn how to utilise green screen to conceptualise your videos Insert Audio / Music into your videos

Corporate Course Video Course Outline Day 2

Learning Outcome

At the end of the 2-day video course, participants will be able to:
✓ Ideate and Storyboard with a more holistic understanding of video storyboardings and storytelling concepts.
✓ Create, Design, Edit a 30 to 45 second short video for Social Media or short promotional video blurp.
✓ Create, Design, Edit a 60 to 120 second corporate video for their website or promotional activities.
✓ Edit videos in iMovie, add music, add text, voice over, etc.

Benefits of Video Content Marketing by The Good Designers

Course Content

Day 1: iMovie Video Content Marketing Strategy: Facebook and Instagram

1. Introduction to the workshop
(a) Trainer’s and Participants Introduction
(b) Workshop agenda and deliverables
(c) Workshop learning outcomes

2. Brainstorm and Learn about Storyboarding Content to animate as a still graphic video
(a) Example of Video Concepts to Storyboard : Stats, Quiz or Questions
(b) Brainstorm a still image video and animation storyboard : 45 to 60 second video (10 to 15 frames)
(c) Sharing and Consultation

3. Learn to design in a FREE to use web-based design software
(a) Trainer demo on FREE to use web-based software
(b) Hands-on practice to create a graphic

4. Hands-on Activity: Storyboarding and designing still images
(a) Hands on: Designing graphics of Storyboard a 45 to 60 second video with a FREE to use web-based software
(b) Consultation with Trainer

5. Trainer Demo: Learn how to edit your graphics into a simple animation in iMovie (FREE Mac Software)
(a) Trainer Demo of iMovie
(b) Hands-on Activity to try editing in iMovie

6. Hands-on Activity: Editing your video, Exporting video, uploading it on Social Media (Facebook / Instagram)
(a) Editing and Exporting video, uploading it on Social Media
(b) Consultation, and Q&A with Trainer

7. Homework given, prelude to what we will be learning and accomplishing in day 2 of workshop.
(a) Shoot your videos
(b) Have your photoshoot / bring your contents, etc Day 2: Shoot and Edit a Corporate or Training Video

8. Content Brainstorming Session + Hands-on: Storyboarding for Video Content (Design Storyboard) Brainstorm content for video recording Learn how to record videos from your phone, and Mac Laptop with QuickTime
(a) Storyboard and design your video content: Approx 90 to 180 second video
(b) Consultation with Trainer, Finalise Video Concepts
(c) Learn how to record with SmartPhone screen with QuickTime (Free for Mac)
(d) Learn how to record your screen and audio with QuickTime (Free for Mac)

9. Hands-on Activity: Record with your smartphone, Mac Laptop (QuickTime - Screen Recording, Audio Recording, Self-Recording)
(a) Preparation of your content
(b) Record your storyboard content: SmartPhone / Quick Time
(c) Consultation with Trainer

10. Hands on activity: Video Editing, Compilation, Adding Text, Exporting Video (a) Importing your videos from smartphone / Airdrop for iPhone (b) Import videos recorded from QuickTime (c) Editing in iMovie (Exploring Green Screens)

11. Final Consultation time with Trainer
(a) Consultation
(b) Question and Answer

Who Should Attend

This workshop empowers the following professionals:

Adult Education: trainer, coach, facilitator, educator

Training Management: e-learning specialist, programme manager, training manager, business development manager, training consultant

Working professionals: Finance, Presenters, Sales & Marketing Professionals who need to create professional branding, pitch ideas and marketing videos.


1. Computer savvy, uses the computer at least once a day
2. Surfs the internet at least once a day

What you will need to bring to class:

1. Laptop & Charger
2. Mouse & Mouse Pad (Recommended)

Hardware and Software Requirements:

(a) Mac Laptop Computer (MacAir/Macbook Pro)
(b) Smartphone (good video quality) + Original Phone Cable to use QuickTime Ap
(c) QuickTime (Free Mac Application
(d) iMovie Software (Free Mac Application for editing videos)

For corporate training (windows users) The Good Designers is able to customized and conduct video editing courses with a FREE to use web-based video editing software)

Announcement: We will be launching a new course for Windows & Mac Users using a web-based video editing software. If you're interested to be notified, email us at

Special Arrangements:

1. For corporate trainings that require The Good Designers to provide laptops, do email us about your requirements:

2. For corporate trainings bigger than 12 pax, we may recommend to have the corporate training conducted in an alternative venue, WIS@Changi Road 116 Changi Road, #05-01/15 Singapore 419718.

3. If you are able to provide training venue and computer labs, do share with us your requirements even if you will need The Good Designers to shortern, customize or tweak the course outcomes to suit your corporate's needs. Please email to us at

Infographic Design Course Group Photo 01 - The Good Designers Infographic Design Course Group Photo 02 - The Good Designers Infographic Design Course Group Photo 03 - The Good Designers 1-day HTML CSS Coding Course Group Photo 01 - The Good Designers 1-day HTML CSS Coding Course Group Photo 02 - The Good Designers
Charmaine Lee - Founder of The Good Designers

About the Trainer

Charmaine is the Founder and Creative Director of Sky Digital Agency and The Good Designers.

She has been conducting training since 2015, equipping her clients in Facebook Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Till date, she has conducted more than 1,000 training hours.

Charmaine makes learning interactive, practical and fun. She enjoys breaking down complex topics to help participants gain better understanding on Facebook Marketing, SEO & SEM, Infographics Design and more!

She strongly believes that the training industry needs more courses and training with smaller group of participants that allows them a more conducive environment to learn, ask questions, and have more 1-to-1 time with the trainer.

Charmaine is passionate about training, and helping others through training. She strongly believes in paying it forward to the community will her knowledge and skill sets. Aside training the public and corporates, she also trains youth-at-risks (in collaboration with MSF) under The Good Designers.

Trainer Profile and Notable Clients - The Good Designers

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Upcoming Course Schedules:
✓ 5 & 6 Feb 2018 (Monday and Tuesday), 10am to 6pm
✓ 2 & 3 April 2018 (Monday and Tuesday), 10am to 6pm
✓ 14 & 15 May 2018 (Monday and Tuesday), 10am to 6pm
✓ 18 & 19 June 2018 (Monday and Tuesday), 10am to 6pm


1. Who can i contact should i have questions?
You may e-mail us at

2. Is there a minimum class size to proceed?
Yes. We require a minimum class size of 4 people to proceed with the class.
In the event that there is insufficient participants, The Good Designers reserves the right to reschedule the class. Under such circumstances, we will inform you no later than 3 days before the event.

3. What are my transport options getting to the event?
6 Raffles Quay, #15-00, Singapore 048580
Nearest MRT: Raffles Place, take exit "i", we are just after/beside Ascott at Raffles Place.

4. I'm driving, where can I park?
There is parking space at the building 6 Raffles Quay itself at $2.50 per 30 min block.
For weekend classes, we recommend our participants to park at SGX Centre, at $3 per entry.

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